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Psoriasis is a chronic inveterate skin problem which is on the rise in the population. The causative factors and disease process is poorly understood by the medical world. It is considered to be an autoimmune disease, i.e. where our immune system starts attacking your own body tissues. It is also said to be a psychosomatic illness. Psychological factors like emotional distress, prolonged anxiety, worry, grief, anger, tension causes physical illness, leading to psychosomatic disease. Psoriasis can start at any age, incidence is equal in both sexes. Psoriasis is characterized by dry, well circumscribed, silvery, scaling papules and plaques of various sizes. Psoriasis varies in severity from 1 to 2 lesions to a wide spread dermatosis with disabling arthritis.

Thick scaling is probably due to increased cellular proliferation in the epidermis. A family history of psoriasis is common and usually reflects genetic factors. Its onset is usually gradual. Psoriasis usually involves the scalp, limbs, the back, and the buttocks. The lesions are sharply demarcated. Itching is not a feature of psoriasis, but sometimes severe itching and burning is found in some cases. It is usually diagnosed clinically, but sometimes skin biopsy helps in diagnosis.

All the external applications may relieve the uneasiness, dryness, but problem reoccurs. Homeopathic treatment is of immense value in such chronic inveterate problems like psoriasis. It is not only skin symptom, but all other health factors, past and family history are to be considered in prescribing medicine. Constitutional features like desires, aversions, tolerance to food and weather condition, their personality traits, psychosocial factors etc., are to be understood for proper prescription. Superficial symptomatic treatment will be of a limited value in Homeopathy.

For complete cure of chronic cases like psoriasis it may take 4 to 5 years. Fluctuation may be found in the beginning of the treatment. But it is a far better form of treatment than lifelong suppressive conventional treatment.

Don't apply any creams, lotions or ointment while taking Homeopathic treatment. Try to avoid unusual level of psychological stress.

Primary aid:

Arsenic iod – 200 can be used as a primary remedy to reduce the irritation and scaling.