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Osteo Arthritis


The most common type of joint disease prevalent in our society is Osteo Arthritis. Now-a-days people are complaining of knee joint pains even in their thirties. O.A is caused by the wear and tear of bones due to aging, joint injury, overweight, or Rheumatoid arthritis. It is a progressive disability and degenerative disease of the joint.

Onset and progress of disease, severity of symptoms, vary from person to person, depending on their bodily constitution or nature. The changes that take place in O.A are erosion of joint bony surfaces leading to rough bony ends, formation of loose calcium bodies obstructing the movement and reduction of the joint space; then effusion and swelling of the entire joint takes place.

O.A usually starts around the age of forty. It is more common in females. It starts early in obese people i.e. being overweight. It is hereditary to some extent. Usually it starts with pain and stiffness of joints, especially while getting up from the bed or a chair. The most commonly affected joints are knees and hip joints.

Onset of pain is usually gradual but progressive. Pain is usually worse whenever the patient overexerts himself by taking long walks, standing for a long time, sitting by folding legs, or climbing steps. The patient may feel pain even when at rest. Gradually pain and swelling may increase to such an extent that it becomes difficult to take even a few steps. In the beginning of the O.A, patient feels a grating sound while walking or climbing steps. Patient may get some relief by taking rest or applying warmth to the affected joints.

An X-ray can reveal the extent of the damage and severity of O.A. It is also necessary to assess the general health and rule out diseases like Diabetes mellitus; Hypertension etc. Tests like C.B.P; E.S.R; C.U.E; Blood sugar; are useful in assessing the general health of the person.

How to prevent O.A ?

Total prevention of the degenerative disease like O.A may not be possible, but it can be postponed to a maximum extent; and severity of the diseases can be minimized if certain measures are taken.

(1) Inculcate some physical activity from childhood. Nowadays most people avoid physical activity, because of availability of modern gadgets and urban lifestyle. Some physical activity like walking, exercise or yoga on a regular basis can strengthen bones and muscles.

(2) Avoid being overweight by adopting healthy eating habits and expending calories on physical activity. Make sure your your diet is balanced.

Once the O.A disease has set in, the following measures will help to arrest the progress of the disease and minimize the suffering.

- Avoid overexertion both physical and mental.

- Don't go for long walks at a stretch.

- Have regular health checks and exclude diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes.

- Avoid gaining weight, in fact try to decrease your body weight by 10 to 15% below the range for your height and age. This measure will reduce a lot of burden on your bones and joints as well as cardiovascular system.

- Don't stand for a long time at a stretch (this goes especially for women working in the kitchen)

- Don't fold your knees in extreme asanas like Padmasan or Vajrasan. Also adopt western commode.

- Adopt proper postures in sitting standing, walking or lying. Avoid jumping, running, skipping etc.



There is nothing like a total cure for degenerative or aging disorders like Osteo Arthritis in any system of medicine. But there are good medicines in Homeopathy for enduring relief and arresting the disease. We adopt holistic approach in the treatment of chronic diseases like Osteo Arthritis. Reveal all the details of your symptoms to the physician along with problems associated with OA and also personal factors, desires, aversions etc. so that physician can understood the nature of your body and mind.

Approach the doctor when the disease (OA) is still at the beginning stage. So that with a treatment course of 1-2 yrs you may get near normalcy and you can avoid all the conventional painkillers and their serious side effects. There are no side effects from prolonged use of Homoeopathic medicines. Moreover, your general health will also improve. Do not read books and take Homoeopathic medicines. Self-medication is of no use in Homoeopathy. It is a difficult and tedious process in selecting the proper Homoeopathic Medicine in a given case.



After OA it is the second Rheumatological disorder, commonly prevalent in our society. Nowadays we hear people suffering from joint pains as early as 15 or 20 years. Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A) is the most common joint disorders occurring in this age group. It is an autoimmune disorder, chronic, progressive and crippling in nature. It is more common in females.

It usually starts at the age of 15 to 30 with the small joints of fingers. Many joints are involved at once.

It starts with pain and stiffness of many joints especially hand, small joints and worse on getting up in the morning. Then gradually swelling of joints appear, with fever or feverishness; gradually movement in joints get restricted, shape of hand joints become like a spindle. Then deformities take place in all the joints but especially hands and feet, then knees, shoulders etc. There may be spontaneous relief for some times, but if enough measures are not taken, disease cripples the person. Many conventional drugs give relief of pain while the disease progresses.

The disease can be diagnosed clinically based on symptoms and signs. While investigations like CBP, ESR, CUE, X-RAYS, R.A tests can help confirm the diagnosis and assessing the severity of the medicine.

Do not opt for suppressive or palliative painkillers. There are good medicines in Homoeopathy for psychosomatic, chronic diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It may take a few years (3 to 4 years) to cure R.A. but don't get frustrated whenever there are fluctuations during weather change or stressful times.

Consult a Homeopath and and reveal symptoms, associated sufferings, modalities and also something about your nature, any emotional disturbances, desires, tastes, etc.

You can take physiotherapy along with Homoeopathic medication in order to improve blood circulation and avoid deformities of joints.

Try to avoid emotional upsets and mental stress as much as possible.


Primary aid for Osteo Arthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis:

1.Rhus Tox – 1m: It can be used for pain relief and it also works as a muscle relaxant.

2. Arnica – 200: The drug can be repeated for any musculoskeletal pain even resulted from the injury.

3. Ruta – 200: It helps to reduce the inflammation of the bone surface ,it works as a wonderful anti-inflammatory drug without side effects