Kachiguda, Hyderabad

Clinic Offerings

" The CVS team of doctors provide a range of services for the treatment of various chronic and acute diseases. We also provide guidelines for preventing various seasonal and environmental diseases and also prescribe necessary medication to prevent acute viral and bacterial infections.

Listed below are few of the common ailments that we specialize in :


CVS Homeo Clinic's slogan is "by pass Bypass Surgery". We offer a remedial agents that deal with Coronary Artery Diseases. We have treated a number of patients and have successfully cleared coronary artery blocks with constitutional Homoeopathic Treatment.

In the diagnosis and assessment of heart diseases we take the help of technological advancements in the field of cardiology.

We have a treatment module for Essential Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, which is the most lifestyle related ailment in this ultra modern society. We analyse causes and factors of hypertension of every case and plan the constitutional treatment and counseling according to individual need. With homoeopathic treatment over a period of time, you can lead a normal life without taking antihypertensives throughout your life.

There is also very good medication for various types of Valvular disorders, Cardiomyopathies, varicose veins etc. in cardiology.


Homeopathy offers definite treatment for all kinds of joint and muscular disorders, without any side effects.

CVS Homeo Clinic offers specialised treatment modules for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis which will enable you to avoid mainstream anti inflammatory drugs that are harmful for your vital organs like kidneys and liver.

Allergic Diseases

Chronic allergic disorders can be treated permanently with genetic constitutional treatment at the CVS Specialty clinic. Allergies like Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis, Bronchial Asthma, Skin Allergy Eczema and Conjunctivitis are treated very effectively at our facility.


CVS Clinic offers treatment and management of diabetes. Homeopathy can prevent and postpone onset of diabetes in people with a family history of diabetes. Prevention and cure can be effected even at the beginning or at sub-clinical stages or incipient stage of diabetes. The treatment is based on genetic constitutional Homoeopathic medicine.

Diabetes can be managed and can enable patients to lead a near normal life with Homepathic constitutional treatment.

The CVS team can also help you prevent complications of diabetes like;

  • Retinopathy (eye problems)
  • Nephropathy(bladder complications)
  • Neuropathy (complications affecting nerves)
  • Gangrene (circulation complications)


We offer very effective treatment for chronic skin diseases like Eczema or skin allergies, Urticaria or allergic rashes and Psoriasis.

In mainstream medicine Psoriasis is treated with local ointments and powerful drugs that have many side effects that can affect the rest of the patients' life. But psoriasis can be treated in about 4 to 5 years with constitutional homoeopathic treatment at the CVS Homoeo Clinic.

Leucoderma or Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that is reflected on the skin. Skin loses its melanocytes which gives rise to white patches called Leucoderma. Leucoderma or vitiligo can be treated very efficiently in CVS Homoeo Clinic. Dr Swamy did his thesis on Leucoderma as a part of his Post Graduate Studies.

Neurological Diseases

Homeopathy provides a permanent solution for many recurring, relapsing, chronic neurological disorders. CVS Speciality Clinic also provides cure for ailments like Migraines (chronic headaches), Tension Headaches, Epilepsy (convulsions or fits) and Neuralgias.

Pyschological Diseases

CVS Homoeo Clinic provides cure for psychological disorders like, Anxiety Neurosis, Depression and Bipolar Disorders like Maniac Depressive Psychosis.

Eye Diseases

We have wonderful medicines for various eye diseases like Allergic conjunctivitis, High Myopia (we can arrest or slow down progress of high myopia in children) and Retinal Degeneration / Retinopathies and Retinal detachments (these conditions can be prevented and treated with constitutional Homoeopathic treatment)

Gynaecological Disorders

We have permanent solution for female disorders like Menstrual irregularities and other gynecological disorders.