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1. Clinical Management Consulting: We offer consulting services to help budding doctors build their own clinics. We offer an end to end guidance on building and managing clinics for junior doctors. This includes training them to build expertise in handling patients and also their own team, so that they can scale up and treat more and more patients. The key to building a successful clinic is the ability to gain practical exposure in treating patients and build confidence.

2. Counselling Services: One of the major reasons for today's diseases is fatigue and stress. If a proper lifestyle is not followed, today generation will soon suffer from acute and chronic ailments at a very young age. We provide counselling and guidance sessions, understand their problems and give them solution which are suitable for their respective lifestyles.

3. Speaking Engagements: Dr. C.V.Swamy with over 35 years of experience, is an expert in the field of Homeopathic treatment. He is regularly invited to speak at various conferences and events on the effectiveness of Homeopathic treatment. He also writes regularly in local media columns and magazines.

To avail any of the above services, you could email Dr.C.V.Swamy at drcvswamy213@hotmail.com