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Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis:

This is one of the most common manifestations of Allergy in the Respiratory system. The rate of incidence is increasing because of the rapid industrialization, modern food habits and lifestyles. People complain that they are suffering from cold for years together. Actually any common cold (Viral) lasts for one week or ten days but symptoms of allergic cold (Rhinitis) resembles the common cold (Viral).

But the characteristic features of allergic rhinitis are

(i) Sneezing in bouts like a machine gun, at a time 10-15 or even more

(ii) Continuous watery discharge from nose, patient say "during severe cold my nose waters like a tap"

(iii) Partial or total blocking of nose especially during sleep or while awake, when lying down, usually nasal discharges may be thin or thick and whitish but with added infection, that discharge becomes thick, yellow or greenish.

All these symptoms are triggered whenever the person is exposed to an allergen , for example : cold air, dust, ice-creams, cool drinks, fish, eggs etc. People suffering from Allergic Rhinitis also commonly suffer from Allergic Sinusitis with symptoms like nasal blocking, headache, heaviness of the head etc.

Allergic symptoms are usually aggravated during certain seasons like winter or monsoon. These symptoms get relieved with conventional drugs like antihistamines, but recurrence is a rule.

Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial Asthma is yet another manifestation of allergy, which is also increasing rapidly, in both developed and developing countries.

It can start at any age. We are witnessing more and more cases of Asthma because of suppression of nasal and skin allergies. The main symptoms are attacks of breathlessness, wheezing and heaviness of chest, cough with sputum. This is worse when lying down and feels better when sitting up. During the attack of Asthma, the patient feels that the every breath is laboured and may be the last. The patient feels relief with expectoration. These symptoms are relieved with conventional Brancho dilators temporarily. Attacks are common in certain seasons like winter or monsoon or exposure to smoke or dust or strong smells etc. Asthma is very often a common ailment in the family history of people with any type of allergy. Asthmatic attacks are due to certain changes that take place in bronchial tubes because of allergic reaction. These are (a) sealing of Bronchial mucus membrane (b) Plugging of bronchi with mucus secretion (c) Spasm or contraction (Circular fibre) of bronchi.

Bronchodilators and other conventional drugs reverse these acute changes and relieve the attack temporarily. Whenever the person is exposed to Allergens (causative factors) attack recurs again since the underlying immune sensitivity is not corrected, which can be done only in homeopathic system of medicine.

What does Homoeopathy offer for patients suffering from Allergic Diseases?

Homeopathy can treat most of the allergic disorders successfully. There are medicines to give immediate relief during an acute attack as well as a total cure of the allergic diseases like Bronchitis and Bronchial asthma. These allergic diseases are chronic in nature and they are rooted in the body constitution. It takes a lot of time to cure allergic diseases permanently; it may take 3 to 4 years in treatment of Bronchial asthma. Medicines start working as soon as it is taken. Gradually frequency and severity of attacks will be reduced and total Allergic Diseases can be annihilated.

What are the precautions to be taken by persons suffering from Allergic Diseases?

Try to avoid exposing yourself to things to which you are Allergic, especially cold air, damp weather, dust, pollen, smoke, strong smells etc. People suffering from allergic cold and asthma have to avoid cold food items like ice creams, cool drinks, fridge water, watermelon, cucumber, guava, raw tamarind, citrus fruits, custard apple etc. Don't over indulge in any food item. Avoid chemicals, preservatives, essences, colours in food preparations. People suffering from skin allergy should avoid brinjal, fish, and chicken etc.


Take Homeopathic treatment regularly from a qualified and experienced physician, who can understand your psycho-physical nature and plan a treatment and give you counseling from time to time. Take the course of treatment completely as per physician's stipulation and don't discontinue after temporary relief.

It is found that increased negative emotions like fear, anxiety, tension, anger, jealous etc. can have an impact on the immune system. So optimize your mental state and get control over your stress levels. Practice yoga, Pranayama and meditation to help maintain your peace of mind and reduce stress levels. These will help keep you away from allergic diseases.

Primary aid: We suggest a few medicines which can act as primary aid before you approach the physician.

1. Arsenic Album – 200 is very useful for relief of nasal allergy (Rhinitis), Sinusitis and also asthmatic attacks.

2. Ipecac – 200 can be repeated frequently during an asthma attack.

3. Carbo Veg – 200 is useful when the person is having an acute attack of asthma and gasping for breath.