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Nowadays many people use neck collars and lumbar belts;most of these people would have had a spine problem called spondylosis.

It is a degenerative disease of the vertebral column. Calcification of ligaments; roughening of articular surfaces; reduction of inter vertebral, space, degeneration and softening of inter vertebral discs which act as shock absorbers. Sometimes the damaged inter vertebral disc presses on the spinal nerves giving rise to pain. We also find rigidity or spasm of neck muscles. Cause is not clearly known, probably it is to some extent heredity; and obesity, mental tensions, may increase or aggravate the problem.

If these changes take place at cervical spine (neck) we call it as cervical spondylosis. If it happens in lumbar area we call it as lumbar spondylosis.

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis are: Neck pain; usually drawing in nature; rigidity or tightness of the neck muscles, difficulty in turning the head or bending upward or downwards; pain tingling or numbness along hands from shoulders to fingers; sometimes pain in chest or back (thoracic area); Also patients suffer from giddiness or vertigo (reeling sensation) while turning the head. Sometimes patients do get frequent headaches especially in the back (occipital). Gradually pain and rigidity of cervical spine increases to such an extent that person feels difficulty even to turn his head to either side; they may have to turn their entire body. Spine becomes like a bamboo stick. They get relief of pain and rigidity with conventional painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for a short while only.

In lumbar spondylosis patients complain of low backache and stiffness especially on getting up from bed or chair. Sometimes they get pain along the one or both the legs while sitting or lying or moving. This happens due to pressure on nerve roots. We call it as the sciatica.

If pressure is too much on spinal nerves, and care is not taken in time it can lead to paralysis of limbs.


Don't neglect chronic low back pain or neck pain by simply consuming painkillers. Approach the physician and try to find out the cause and take measures accordingly. Mere palliation or relief of pain may strengthen the disease process.

Avoid obesity or overweight especially abdominal obesity or fatness. Adopt proper postures while constantly sitting before the computer; or while standing. Sleeping bed should be firm and even. Be cautious while bending neck or back, or while lifting weights or rising. Avoid sudden jerky movements. Avoid mental tensions to the extent possible.


Homoeopathy relieves pain and stiffness and can also completely cure the spondylotic process if the treatment is started at an early stage. For an enduring relief or cure it takes time from 2 to 4 years; but it can certainly happen. Reveal all the symptoms, without any inhibition. Bear with the fluctuation in pain for some time especially during weather changes and emotional disturbances. You can use physiotherapy along with Homoeopathic medicines.


Primary aid:

1. Rhus Tox – 1m can be used for relief of pain and stiffness for both lumbar and cervical Spondylosis.

2. Bryonia – 1m can be used for the relief of pain and giddiness.